Top traits of the successful Forex traders

There’s no denying that learning how to trade forex has made millionaires out of many people. However, not just anyone can jump into the markets and start profiting. Although anybody with the will to learn can develop the skills necessary to make it big, here are some traits you’ll find in all successful forex traders:

They have patience

The first trait you’ll notice in most successful forex traders is patience, patience to study different strategies, patiently waiting for opportunities to present themselves before acting on them. If there’s one thing successful forex traders know, it’s that rushing thing can do more harm than good. Everything from choosing a strategy to placing orders should be given time and consideration before being acted upon.

They’re good at math

To have a successful trading career, one must understand the numbers behind their trades. In forex trading, this means understanding the relationship between the bid and ask prices you receive before making your move. Knowing whether or not what you’re going for is even possible will save you a lot of stress later on, so knowing basic strategies such as support and resistance levels can help you avoid chasing lost causes in the market.

They follow their intuition

Before a trade is ever placed, successful forex traders follow their intuition, your gut feeling about the market. Intuition is a powerful tool for forex traders to use, and when trusted and followed, it can often result in the correct move in markets. Patience and knowledge play a role in building up one’s intuition, so successful forex traders know when they shouldn’t follow their instincts even if they want to.

They look at past data

Looking into past data is yet another way that successful forex traders do their homework. Using tools such as support and resistance levels or price action strategies to choose which trades will help limit risk while maximizing potential returns. While historical information isn’t always an accurate predictor of future events, it does help provide a more objective look into the market that forex traders can use to their advantage.

They control emotions

Last but not least, successful forex traders know how to control their emotions while trading in the markets. Keeping calm and carrying on while everything around them is panicking can mean the difference between getting out on time or being stuck with an open trade when things are at their worst. Keeping a cool head during stressful situations is vital for any trader who wants to stay top of their game.

They know themselves

Successful forex traders quickly realize their strengths and weaknesses in the market, often relying on only a few select strategies while avoiding straying too far from what works for them. Constantly improving is vital to stay afloat in this industry, but learning how to hone your skills instead of learning it all will help you get where you want much faster than simply adding more tools.


While there’s no single trait that makes or breaks someone who wants to trade forex successfully, knowing yourself comes pretty close. If you’re patient enough but lack patience when it comes to math, then maybe trading isn’t for you just yet. However, if getting into the numbers helps enhance your intuition even further than it already is, then, by all means, go for it. It’s a lifelong learning curve, so the more you learn, the better your trading will be.

They have a reason to trade

While this trait may seem obvious, not everyone has a true calling to forex trading, especially those who start but never finish their training because they don’t feel like they were meant for this career path.


Trading can be hard work, and without something keeping you going, it’s easy to give up before even getting started. If you’re passionate about forex trading and love working with numbers, there’s no shame in admitting that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. The best traders are those who know why they’re doing what they’re doing, and if this is your calling, then don’t give up.

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